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The Outback Starts Here...

The Western Australian outback is as true an Australian experience as you will ever get. Wide open space, clear blue skies, and landscapes only mother nature could possibly be responsible for. Start your outback adventure at Yalgoo, the
heart of central Western Australia.

The Shire of Yalgoo is an integral part of an exciting new tourism venture - the "Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways" - which are 3 self drive outback adventures.  These pathways provide three historic routes through the Outback, with Yalgoo a stop in two – the Wool Wagon Pathway and the Miner’s Pathway.  Download the brochure here. 

NB: The majority of the pathways are on gravel roads. The condition of gravel roads can vary significantly. Unsealed/gravel roads are accessible in 2WD vehicles, however 4WD vehicles are strongly recommended to be used for the Kingsford Smith Mail Run and Wool Wagon Pathway.

Its a harsh reality, but it's home to many families and visiting this area enables you to experience the warmth and hospitality that only the outback characters can provide. 

Authentic Aboriginal communities, miles of open roads, simple but wholesome accommodation and of course the "beer at the local" are like you will find nowhere else on earth.

Dominican Chapel of St Hyacinth

Dominican Chapel of St HyacinthYalgoo also has one of the most interesting and unusual of all the church buildings constructed by the famous Western Australian architect ­priest Monsignor John Hawes. Between 1915­ and 1939 Hawes designed and helped to build a large number of churches and church buildings in the Central West.  More on Dominican Chapel.

Local Colonial Architecture

Local Colonial ArchitectureYalgoo Railway Station and the Court House building are fine examples of local buildings constructed from the late 1800's through to the early 1900's, and reflect the size and importance of the Yalgoo community during those heavy gold rush times.

Flora and Fauna

Wildflower season changes this dramatically harsh landscape to a carpet of colour. From late July to September, wildflowers are prolific in the Yalgoo shire.  White, cream, yellow and pink everlastings flow in carpets across the timeless landscape. Its hard to believe that these beautiful floral displays can come from this often barren landscape, but every year we are again reminded of the beauty and resilience of these amazing desert plants.

windmill Yalgoo is the place for true outback adventure. If you want to see native Australian wildlife, Yalgoo is the ideal place to visit.  

Emus love the Outback, and just as your outback experience starts in Yalgoo, so too does your best opportunity to spot these iconic Australian birds racing through the bush.  It is not unusual to see the local flock of emu's grazing through town.

 You may also see the majestic Wedge Tail Eagles, Goanna's and of course plenty of Kangaroo's, which appear with Emu's on Australia's coat of arms

Things To Seeemu

Courthouse Museum
Dominican Chapel of St Hyacinth
Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways
Jokers Tunnel
Meteorite Crater
Old Mine Sites
Paynes Find Gold Battery
Railway Station Complex

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