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Hello Yalgoo Community

As you may be aware there has been some changes at Meedac, Yalgoo Office.  In early February Deb and Dave said farewell to our office and two new members began their journey at Meedac.

Hi, my name is Tony Walsh and I am the new Helping Hands Supervisor at Meedac Inc.  My wife is Mary-Kate, your Clinical Nurse.  We normally live in Northampton but we are enjoying the chance that Yalgoo has given us to be together.  After 20 years of FIFO/DIDO work and four children who would think that Yalgoo would enter the equation.  I will meet and greet as time goes by, see you around town.  P.S I am the tall one!!!

Hellloooo Yalgoo!!!  My name is Becky Phillips and I am the new Case Manager at the Yalgoo Meedac Inc. office.  I have been living in Yalgoo since January 2016 when my family decided it was time for a change and move from Wangkatjungka (a remote Aboriginal Community near Fitzroy Crossing) to be closer to our family members (especially a new Grand-Daughter) in Perth.  I am getting married this year to Phil Joseph who is the Principal of our wonderful little Primary School.  Before working here, I was helping at the school as an Education Assistant and at Wangkatjungka I was the Canteen Manager/Education Assistant.  However, my background is mostly administration.  I have had great support from Meedac and the local community settling in.  A big thank you to everyone for your support.

I am really enjoying working with the community and having a blast with the crew.  They have been really busy since we came on board.  My job here is to look after participants who help out in our activities Yalgoo Helpings Hands, Yalgoo Voluntary Work and at Pia Wadjarri Community Crew it can either be myself or Roma from the Mullewa branch visiting on a monthly basis.

Meedac runs Community Development Programs on behalf of the Australian Government.  Meedac provides a free gardening service to those people in the community who would otherwise find it difficult to upkeep or maintain their yards or gardens. This work is completed by the local Helping Hands team upon evidence of a disability / aged pensioner card.  We are not able to mow everyone’s lawn in the community due to policies stating that if we did everyone’s lawn we are effectively taking away job positions that could otherwise be paid for. 

The Helping Hands team works independently to complete tasks set by local Shire Works Supervisors as well as assist local non-profit community, environmental and historical groups with general maintenance to grounds and buildings, as well as the beautification of local parks and gardens. Meedac has found that the Helping Hands team become an intricate part of their local community and over time this activity present’s opportunities of employment for our job seekers participating in these projects through the local shire, businesses and contractors.

Meedac guys

Back from left:  Braden Hodder, Christopher Bell, Tony Walsh (Supervisor),  Wade Simpson, Cody Simpson, Giles Gilbert
Centre:  Jason Farrell, Ethan Merry

Front:  Arthur Farrell, Khian Merry

Yalgoo Helping Hands began February, frantically trying to get everyone’s lawns mowed due to large amount of water we had ….gumboots were nearly ordered for everyone!!  Once the jungle was cleared the next project has been getting the Yalgoo Race Track along with the Shire Workers ready for the races in April.  The guys have been amazing working in the heat walking the whole track five times, picking up rocks from the track so the horses don’t hurt themselves when racing, mowing the surrounding lawns and cleaning the Railway Rooms.  An awesome effort!Meedac also helps with Counselling and Health Intervention.  A Community Mentor, works with our Job seekers that have health or personal barriers such as drug and alcohol dependency, as well as relation/personal issues or barriers. This is to assist Job Seekers with all barriers which can affect their ability to engage in job seeking and their activities. 

When that project is finished we then hope to move on to creating veggie gardens so we can supply the community with fresh veggies, herbs and hopefully fruit.  Tony is also in talks with Tamihana to work on the Men’s Shed and a Family Shed for the Community and other little projects around town.  During winter we will look at freshening up the office space with a new coat of paint!

So if you have any gardening that requires Yalgoo Helping Hands team to maintain for you, please make sure you present evidence of a disability / aged pensioner card.  You can contact the office on 9962 8323 for bookings.  Please be advised though we cannot enter your house and that dogs must be locked inside or tied up for the protection of our workers.  The Meedac/Centrelink office is open every day however my hours as Case Manager will be Monday & Wednesday 8.00 am – 2.30 pm and Friday 8.00 am – 12.30 pm.

MeedacMEEDAC Supervisor - Becky Phillips & local community member - Michael Hodder

For further contact information go to:  Yalgoo 2017 Community  Business Directory

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