Tardie Station


Tardie Station, Yalgoo is in the dessert of the West Australian Murchison Rangelands and is known as the place where the outback starts. It’s a six and a half hour drive from Perth and for the last three hours you rumble along well-maintained, red-earth roads on your own.  The homestead is the quintessential outback homestead, comfortable and clean, but the real reason to visit here is to experience life on the station and get a sense of the outback’s rugged, remote wilderness. Your hosts will welcome you into the family and their 16,000-hectare farm, which includes ancient Aboriginal sites, a disused mine, rivers, waterholes for swimming, sunsets, wildflowers and an amazing array of wildlife. All meals are included and guided tours can be arranged. Stunning night skies, great yarns around the campfire and magnificent wildlife, and all meals are included. Farm Stay. 


.... "The sense of wilderness and limitless space is awe-inspiring to the uninitiated. You arrive at an oasis-green garden with tall trees and the old homestead hidden within. The bedrooms and bathrooms are simple and functional. Tardie offers a rich adventure that will stay with you long after the last four-star, en-suite bedroom has dissolved in your memory. You are part of the family, Jano and Michael providing hearty farm meals and fascinating conversation about life in this harsh but miraculous country. Out on the enormous farm (some 400,000 acres) there are so many special places: a disused mine, sacred Aboriginal and rock art sites, rivers and permanent waterholes for swimming, great round granite-composite boulders (like the famous Olgas) where astonishing sunsets are a reliable event. You can see for hundreds of miles if you climb to high ground. Giant red kangaroos, goannas and emus abound and the desert flowers (July - September) are a wonder of the world. Jano will draw you mud maps and send you off in your 4-wheel drive (you need to hire your own) to explore the farm. However, Tardie is perfectly accessible by normal two-wheel-drive (hire) car. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough". Visitor to Tardie Station.

Tardie Station
Location: 52km on Gabyon/Tardie turnoff
Disabled Access: No
Features: Aboriginal and rock art sites, waterholes for swimming, astonishing sunsets, accessible by normal two-wheel-drive (hire) car
Contact: Jano & Michael Foulkes-Taylor (Owners)
Contact Ph: (08) 9963 7980
Contact Fax: (08) 9963 7168
Email: tardiemob@bigpond.com

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