Mellenbye Station

Located in the south-west corner of the Yalgoo Shire, Mellenbye is one of the two pastoral properties established by Henry and John Broad last century, the other being Wagga Wagga.

It is believed that sheep were shepherded in the area from the late 1870s. In the early years people associated with the various leases which became Mellenbye included J. Craney, Jenner and Kelshaw, Samuel Eakins and Samuel Moore.

By 1890 however, the Broads had most of the land now known as Mellenbye in their  possession. Gradually out-camps were developed and then a homestead and a shearing shed on the most northerly block. That shearing shed was extended in 1920. The large section of  the shearing shed was built by Cardilini of Geraldton, cl930.

The name 'Mellenbye' is said to stem from the anglicised version of the Aboriginal for the bottle brush which grows in the area.

The Mellenbye Station Homestead has historic significance for its long association with the pioneer Broad family and the development of the pastoral industry in the Yalgoo district. 

The built fabric illustrates developments through time with variations in style and materials reflecting the requirements of the owners and workers.

The Mellenbye Station Homestead Complex consists of a kitchen and dining room, cook's house, overseer's quarters, blacksmith's shop, shearing shed and yards and shearers' quarters.

The main house comprises three connected sections, the central portion having been rebuilt cl955. The two wings are of mud brick construction with corrugated iron roofs and rough gimlet poles as supports.

The oldest wing was built in the late 1880s and contains the main living area of five rooms including a lean-to kitchen while the other wing contains the office, two bedrooms and a lean-to bathroom.

The outbuildings are of stone, timber and corrugated iron construction. Built of local stone, the front portions of the shearing shed and stables are believed to have been the first permanent buildings on the station. 

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