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Railway Station Complex

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Currently undertaking Renovations. 

Railway Station Group has a close association with the expansion of the Midwest Region due to the success of the Murchison and Yalgoo goldfields at the end of the nineteenth century. The design of the railway station building and the fact that it was the largest on the Murchison line reflects the confidence the Government of Western Australia had in the development of the town and region. Yalgoo Railway Station Group is representative of the late nineteenth century work of the Public Works Department, under the direction of Chief Architect John Grainger, when infrastructure works were occurring at a rapid rate in an attempt to keep pace with the rapid influx of population and the need to transport mineral ore, livestock and other goods.

railway stn

Railway Station Complex
Location: Yalgoo Township
Opening Hours: Call Shire for Details
Disabled Access: Yes
Features: Toilet facilities, Information bay adjacent.
Contact: Shire Office
Contact Ph: (08) 9962 8042
Contact Fax: (08) 9962 8020
Email: shire@yalgoo.wa.gov.au

rlwy stn