PilRoc Retreat - Rescued & Injured Wildlife Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre

When you are next in Paynes Find, why don’t you check out the PilRoc Retreat?

Contact Details:


0418 919 773 / 9963 6068

PilRoc Retreat is a Wildlife Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre dedicated to the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Orphaned and Injured Wildlife.

A variety of wildlife have temporarily called PilRoc Retreat “home” - from Eagles, to Whistling Kites, Pink & Grey Galahs, Bats, Bungarras, Nankeen Kestrels, Owls, Frogmouths, Bush stone-curlew, Kangaroos, Euros and Major Mitchell Cockatoos…… and many more.

Eagle two

Visitors are welcome at any time to come and participate in the care of the native wildlife, learn about their
requirements for survival and rehabilitation, meet the dedicated Carer's Gail & Dave and any other volunteers that may have dropped in and forgotten to leave.

However, be prepared to muck in and assist when necessary!

You may have the wonderful opportunity of hand feeding the joeys their bottles; the kids and adults will love interacting with the wildlife; or helping them settle in and become comfortable in their temporary home.


Veterinary Surgeons

PilRoc Retreat is lucky enough to have Dr Meg Braunstein – Swan Valley Vet Centre on board, who kindly offers her services as the Directing Veterinary Surgeon.

Meg is  available to PilRoc Retreat 24 hours a day to advise and assist with diagnosis and treatment for the Wildlife

Wheatbelt Vet Services, Native Animal Rescue, The Unusual Pet Vets and other Wildlife networks, also give support and guidance. This assistance enables Gail and Dave to provide an even higher standard of care for the wildlife that come into the Retreat.



To view more details go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PilRoc/