Paynes Find

Bungarra    (Lizard)                                                                                                                                                Emus


Paynes Find is a former gold rush settlement with a rich seam of pioneering and prospecting history approximately five hours north of Perth in the Mid West region of WA.

The small pastoral and mining community of Paynes Find forms part of the Shire of Yalgoo.
The townsite was gazetted in 1911, the same year the Paynes Find Gold Battery was constructed.

The town is named after the prospector, Thomas Payne, who was the first to discover gold in the area and was the first to register a lease for gold mining with the Mines Department. As a reward for his discovery, he was allowed to crush his first find of gold-bearing ore through the State Government Battery, free of charge.

By the 1930s the town had prospered and the population was estimated at about 500. In 1987 the battery was sold to the Taylor family. The Gold Battery is now a tourist attraction and still operates today, making it the only working gold battery in Western Australia. A visit to the battery museum will also uncover a host of relics from the local mining, pastoral and sandalwood industries.

From late July to September, thousands of nature lovers are drawn to the region by the promise of treasure of a floral kind, as spring wildflower season turns the outback landscape into a blanket of vibrant colour. Picnic in blooms of pink, yellow and white everlastings while you spot emus,  kangaroos, wedge tailed eagles and Bungarra lizards in their natural habitat.

This is a great place to experience real Australian Outback life at one of the working Cattle Station stays.

Yalgoo and Paynes Find Accommodation options include Hotel rooms, Caravan Parks and Camping grounds.

Contact: PF roadhouse
Paynes Find Roadhouse and Tavern
Great Northern Highway,
(08) 9963 6111


Paynes Find Roadhouse and Tavern features Accommodation
for up to 55 people, Fuel, Tavern and Dining room.
Open 24hrs for Food and Fuel

(Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day)

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