Listed below are a few things that are in or around the Yalgoo area. Click on the "details" tab to view more in-depth info about that item.

Old machinery

Courthouse Museum

The Court House, which was moved from Day Dawn near Cue in 1921, is now a m....

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Dominican Chapel of St Hyacinth

Yalgoo also has one of the most interesting  and unusual of all the church b....

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Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways

The Shire of Yalgoo is an integral part of an exciting new tourism venture ....

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Jokers Tunnel

This tunnel was carved though solid rock by early gold prospectors. Named .... 

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Meteorite Crater

Listed by the National Trust, this crater located on Dalgaranga Station, ap....

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Old Mine Sites

Enjoy a look around the many old mine sites and relics in the area but be s... 

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Paynes Find Gold Battery

Visit Paynes Find to see the only working Gold Battery left in Western Australia.

PF gold 2

Railway Station Complex

Railway Station Group has a close association with the expansion of the Mid....

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