Gullewa Town Site & Cemetery

Gold was discovered at Gullewa in 1894 and shortly after that a settlement emerged nearby. Surveyed by George Weeks, the resident surveyor in Yalgoo, in 1897, Gullewa was once a bustling little townsite which developed from 1895 alongside a productive mine which was operated by the Gullewa Gold Mining Company.

The Gullewa townsite had historic and social significance for its role in the development of the district included hotels, a school, a post office, and a police station. The cemetery was gazetted on 13 August, 1897 on reserve 3911. By 1910 the town had begun to decline due to the decreasing production of the mines and by 1924 it was a ghost town. However, interest was revived in the early 1940s.

Nearby (to the east) is the Gullewa Cemetery (closed). The Cemetery is an historical site located approximately 80km, south of Yalgoo on the Yalgoo-Morawa Road. The Gullewa Cemetery contains several graves, headstones, mounds marked out with stone and metal decorative posts. The boundary of the cemetery is marked out by a timber post and wire fence. 

The Gullewa Townsite includes the foundations of buildings, a government well and a hotel site with collapsed cellar. On a hill immediately south of the Gullewa Townsite are the remains of the Gullewa Mine and Battery as well as the foundations of the Mine Manager's Office. Approximately 6km away is Barnong Station Homestead.

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