wiggleMurdoch University Sterilisation & Vaccination Programme


Each year senior clinical Veterinary students from Murdoch University in Perth, travel to Yalgoo to perform pet checks, vaccinations, microchipping and sterilisations. The students operate  under the guidance of Professor Ian Robertson BVS, PhD, MACUSc  & Dr Seven Devery BSc, BVMS.

The programme is jointly run by the Shire and Murdoch University to provide students with a glimpse of rural life and gain critical experience. The surgery is conducted at the Old Railway Station, Piesse Street (main road), Yalgoo.

The sterilisation and microchipping of cats and dogs is free of charge to residents and pastoralists in the Shire of Yalgoo.

Registrations are paid for by the owner prior to surgery and a registration tag is issued.

Only limited sterilisation opportunities are available and bookings are essential.

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