Proposal Shire of Yalgoo Local Planning Scheme 2 Amendment 3

Published on Monday, 28 November 2022 at 12:00:00 AM

The form of a notice of public advertisement of a planning proposal referred to in clause 64(3)(a)(i) or (c) or (4)(a)(i) or (c) is as follows -                                                       

Planning and Development Act 2005

City/Town/Shire of YALGOO.

Notice of public advertisement of planning proposal


The local government has received an application to use and/or develop land for the following purpose and public comments are invited.

Rural Mining Zone                                           Suburb: YALGOO

Proposal: Shire of Yalgoo Local Planning Scheme 2 Amendment 3:


"to allow grouped dwelling and holiday accommodation in rural mining zone".



Details of the proposal are available to the public at the Shire of Yalgoo office, at 37 Gibbons Street, YALGOO WA 6635

Submissions may be made on the proposal in the period ending on the eighteenth (18) day of  October, 2022


Comments on the proposal may be submitted to the local government in writing on or before that day



Signed: Ian Holland CEO          Dated:  19 August 2022



For and on behalf of the Shire of Yalgoo.

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