Edah  Station 

edah homestead 

In August, 2015 Amanda Rowland, Geoff, Angus and Toby took possession of the lease of Edah Pastoral Station, a 250,000 acre former sheep station east of Yalgoo. 

They are putting an intense amount of energy into the new project as they develop the homestead and infrastructure of the station and start to work out what is needed to maintain life in their slice of the Southern Rangelands.

The flour motif raised its head when the weather warmed up in spring and the acacias started bringing forth a wealth of seeds. Amazed at the variety and fecundity of the acacias, Amanda saw the potential for another source of flour to complement the spelt project (see below) – and by extension – started looking at the idea of bushfood.

Armed with the local bibles ‘Wajarri Wisdom’ by Estelle Leyland and ‘Digging for Food’ by Dora Dann Amanda started to identify, collect and process different seeds and plant material that could be used as bush food and medicine.

Edah is a stone and iron homestead comprised of seven bedrooms and a compound of buildings that work well as a site for retreats and workshops.

Alongside the sheep business being developed, the new owners aim to create a business utilising  Edah land that is rich in plant and animal biodiversity and possessed of an awesome beauty.

Amanda Rowland (one of the four co-owners) runs Edah Heavenly Pastoral Co which is a business dedicated to wellness retreats and workshops of many varieties - see http://www.edah.net.au/

edah station