The Mid West Regional Blueprint Draft.

Developed by the Mid West Development Commission (MWDC) in collaboration with Regional Development Australia Mid West Gascoyne (RDAMWG), the Blueprint is an aspirational growth and development plan for the region.

As a high level guiding agenda, the Blueprint proposes strategies against five priority pillars, each considered vital to either driving, or reducing barriers to, regional growth and development.  Considering the possible impacts of various national and global megatrends, the Blueprint strategies focus on the region’s key strengths and those opportunities with genuine growth and development potential.

The Mid West Blueprint has deliberately stopped short of listing priority projects.  As a strategic document it provides a logical basis for future growth and development.  It now requires the Commission to work with stakeholders to determine the very best projects that can drive and / or enable regional growth and development, against each of the Blueprint’s priority pillars.

The draft Mid West Regional Blueprint was launched for an eight week public comment period by the Minister for Regional Development, Hon Terry Redman, on 23 September 2014 at the Mid West Economic and Resources Summit.  The public comment period will run from 23 September until 18 November 2014.

The Blueprint can be downloaded in full or by segment of interest.  The documents can be accessed from the following links from the newsletter.
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