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Fuel Cards

$25 & $50.00 fuel cards are available from the Shire Office.

24hr Self Serve Fuel Station

The 24 hr/ 7 days a week Caltex fuel station is operated by Geraldton Fuel (08 9920 8000). Only Key cards, Debit cards & Credit cards with a PIN number can be used.

Yalgoo Fuel Depot

Yalgoo Fuel Depot
Description: Fuel Depot - Photo above
Location: Old Railway Station, Piesse Street, Yalgoo
Opening Hrs: 24hr Fuel Station (card operational) - Fuel cards available from Shire Office.  Credit cards require pin.
Contact: Shire Office
Contact Ph: 08 9962 8042
Contact Fax: 08 9962 8020
Email: accounts@yalgoo.wa.gov.au

 For further contact information go to: Yalgoo Community Business Directory