MMG Golden Grove Grant to Yalgoo Shire

Posted on: Wednesday, 17 August 2016 at 4:14:46 PM


MMG Golden Grove

MMG Golden Grove management has generously granted Yalgoo Shire $5,000 towards the 2016 Emu Cup Fun Day & Family Concert to be held on 8 October.

Golden Grove is a base and precious metals mine located in Western Australia. 

As part of Golden Grove’s social licence to operate, the mine has an established and enduring relationship with the Shire, the local Yalgoo community, pastoral neighbours, contractors, regulators and stakeholder organisations from nearby Geraldton and the wider Mid West region. 

Golden Grove is a long-term operational resource within the region and over time has directed significant energy and resources into building its community relations programs.

The community relations program at Golden Grove involves having active practical involvement in community programs and participating in a number of stakeholder forums. It is underpinned by social needs analysis determined from active and responsive community participation.

An important part of this broad and proactive approach to community is to ensure the programs support local and regional priorities for community development.

Sponsorships and Small Gifts Programs

MMG Golden Grove offer the local community small grants programs and sponsorships:

Golden Grove Education Engagement

The Golden Grove Education Engagement program supports regional students to access higher education opportunities related to the mining industry.

Community Sponsorships - Midwest region

Golden Grove’s sponsorship program aims to support community organisations and groups that contribute to the social, economic, health and well being and cultural development.

Priority consideration is given to requests for support from group within the Shire of Yalgoo and City of Greater Geraldton – its host communities

Sponsorships are awarded biannually, with four sponsorships of up to $5,000 awarded each round.  To be considered, applications must be supported by 31 March and 31 September each year. (See link below).

Yalgoo Small Gifts Program

In working with the community, MMG focuses on initiatives that support education and help children build important life skills, such as confidence and physical strength – priorities identified through consultation with the Yalgoo community. .

Memorandum of Understanding with Yalgoo Shire

In addition to being the largest single rate payer in the Shire of Yalgoo, Golden Grove has partnered and supported the Shire on a number of strategic infrastructure, community development, capacity building and local employment initiatives.

This strategic relationship was formed in 2010 with a life of mine investment agreement between Golden Grove and the Shire of Yalgoo.

As well as strategic projects, the agreement provides for in-kind assistance including emergency service support through the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) forum.

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