wiggleCommunity Benefit Fund


Currently establishing a Community Benefit Fund Advisory Committee.

Still looking for nominations – Getting ready for our first meeting. A new committee is being formed to advise the Shire on how it should spend the money it gets annually from the local mining and haulage companies.

The money might go to community groups or to the Shire to spend on programs that benefit our local community. Basically the new committee will get together a few times a year to discuss how the money will be spent and then make a recommendation to the Shire. It can add up to quite a lot of money so the work of the Committee is important.

So that everyone in our community gets a chance to have a say the Shire Council agreed to the following make-up of the Committee:

1 x Elected Member of the Shire Council
2 x Member of the Yalgoo township community
1 x Pastoralist
1 x member of the Paynes Find Community
1 x member of each of the resources/haulage companies contributing more than $20,000 per annum to the Community Benefit Fund
1 x Shire Community & Youth Development Coordinator

If you’re interested in being a member of this special advisory committee please contact Tamihana on 9962 8174.